Research projects

Active and Healthy Ageing

  • SmartWork (Horizon 2020)

    Smart age-friendly living and working environment: a worker-centric AI System

    The aim of the SmartWork project is to implement and validate in real settings an ICT-enabled framework integrating unobtrusive and ubiquitous ICT tools and services supporting an age-friendly working and living environment.

  • Holobalance (Horizon 2020)

    Holograms for personalised virtual coaching and motivation in ageing population with balance disorders

    In HOLOBALANCE we are developing and validating a new personalized hologram coaching platform for virtual coaching, motivation and empowerment of the ageing population with balance disorders.

  • PERSSILAA (FP7, *completed*)

    Personalised ICT supported service for independent living and active ageing

    In PERSSILAA various e-health care modules are developed aimed at nutrition as well as physical and cognitive functioning to screen for and prevent frailty among the elderly. My PhD research was financed by this project. PERSSILAA was listed in the top 25 influential ICT for Active and Healthy Ageing projects of the European commission.

  • eWALL (FP7, *completed*)

    Electronic wall for active long living

    The eWALL is an affordable, easy to install and ready to use telemedicine system, which contains a wide range of technologies that can help elderly people age more actively and healthily in all important aspects.

Chronic care & rehabilitation

  • Back-UP (Horizon 2020)

    Personalised prognostic models to improve well-being and return to work after neck and low back pain

  • Resilience Monitoring System

    From hospital to home one step ahead of delayed recovery: a demonstrator of a prototype resilience in hip fracture patients


    Supporting pediatric physical rehabilitation through mobile coaching and an interactive playground

    Building on the results of the AIRplay project, we are developing a gamified environment to motivate physical activity among children with Developmental Coordination Disorder enrolled in a rehabilitation program.

  • AIRplay (*completed*)

    Biomedical sensing and smart coaching in a mobile gaming environment for improving asthma control in children

    In AIRplay, we are creating stimulating environments that stimulate physical activity among children with asthma. An interactive playground simulating generally known games is installed in a community setting (think of schools or community centers) to engage children in physical activity. Additionally, a user friendly sensor is given to each child as well as a mobile application, where children can see how well they are in the progress to their daily goal and also in comparison with the other children in the group. The daily physical activity goal is personal, set on the basis of the initial physical activity level of each child, to guarantee that the goal it is challenging, but achievable.

  • VIREP (Euregio, *completed*)

    Virtual Reality for pain therapy

    In VIREP we developed and evaluated a virtual reality training environment to support the rehabilitation of people with chronic pain.