Course: Remote Care Nearby
Study: Creative Technology (BSc.), University of Twente
Role: Course organizer, Lecturer
Period: 2013 – present

Course: Telemedicine & Data Analysis
Study: Health Sciences (MSc.), University of Twente
Role: Lecturer (theory), Tutor (support MATLAB assignments)
Period: 2016/2017 & 2017/2018

Course: Meten is Weten (Measuring is knowledge)
Study: Biomedical Technology (BSc.), University of Twente
Role: Tutor
Period: 2015/2016

Course: Mathematics & Calculus
Study: Basic, Elementary and University levels
Role: Private Tutor
Period: 2008-2011


Health Sciences (MSc.)

Title: Requirements elicitation for technology-based interventions to motivate physical activity among children with Developmental Coordination Disorder
Year: 2018 (work-in-progress)
Student: Wesley Everlo

Title: Body awareness in virtual reality therapy for chronic pain
Year: 2017
Student: Marloes Kroezen

Creative Technology (BSc.)

Title: “Keep your eyes on the road kid!” – Exploring the potential of virtual reality environments to teach children to focus their attention while biking
Year: 2018
Student: Paulius Gagelas

Title: A virtual reality relaxation environment in combination with biofeedback to aid patients with chronic pain
Year: 2018
Student: Yasmin Salce

Title: “Listen to your own body signals” – Development of a virtual reality environment to support relaxation of patients with chronic pain
Year: 2018
Student: Luca Battistella

Title: StepFarm: An active video game to support the self-management of chronic diseases in children
Year: 2017
Student: Mitchell Verlinden

Title: Enhancement of daily life monitoring by connecting wearables and mobile phones
Year: 2015
Student: Frits Polman

Title: Developing an automatic dietary monitoring solution with feedback in order to encourage independent living in elderly
Year: 2014
Student: Yannick Grawenhoff

Psychology (BSc.)

Title: Investigating the relevance of monitoring health domains using technology among older adults: health, technology and older adults
Year: 2016
Student: Nada El Menshawy
Available at: http://essay.utwente.nl/70015/

Title: Usability test of the “ActivityCoach” to promote active ageing in daily life: assessing the needs and wishes of older adults
Year: 2016
Student: Jandia Melenk
Available at: http://essay.utwente.nl/70732/

Health Sciences (BSc.)

Title: Motives and barriers for performing pleasurable activities: study on the motives and the barriers for performing pleasurable activities in the daily life of the Dutch elderly population
Year: 2016
Student: Sannah van der Heijden
Available at: http://essay.utwente.nl/70707/